About me

I’m a freelance translator with more than six years of experience in translation industry. I graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada in 2006, and I was also appointed as sworn translator and interpreter of English by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

During my studies at university, I specialized in Legal Translation, Economic-Financial Translation, Scientific-Technical Translation and Audiovisual Translation, studying English as first foreign language and German as second foreign language. Thanks to this valuable academic experience, I acquired the traductological techniques and the specific knowledge required for this profession. Furthermore, several stays abroad allowed me to develop the languages skills that I would use later in my career and acquire intercultural communication skills that would be very useful, both on a personal and professional level.

Upon graduating, I made the decision to work as freelance translator. Although the experience was satisfactory, I made the decision to get to know this industry in depth and acquire additional experience and confidence by working for leading translation agencies. Firstly, I worked as Project Manager for a global translation agency. During this working stage, I learned and assimilated the complete cycle of the project management process, from its inception right through to final delivery, liaising with the requirements of leading companies and the needs of experienced translators. After that edifying experience, I received an important job proposal: to work as in-house translator and manage linguistic projects for a recently formed securities broker-dealer company. My main duties and functions were: translation of legal, financial and business texts, and management of linguistic projects for the American and Spanish companies of the holding. During this stage, I got the SIBE Trader’s License (licensed trader for the Spanish equity market) and the MEFF Trader’s License (licensed trader in the Spanish futures and options market), acquiring an expert knowledge on financial markets.

I currently work as freelance translator for several translation agencies and end-clients such us Chicco, Auriga Heineken or CNMNV (Spanish Securities Market Commission). My main fields of specialization are legal, finance, business, marketing, scientific-technical texts, advertisment, medical, art, tourism and technologies.

I offer reliable, accurate and high quality professional translation services at competitive prices. A keen attention to detail and professional commitment define my work.

For further information, check the CV section.

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